Tidings from the 12 Houses and Beyond
Readings are offered in person or in writing

When you seek clarity regarding the many areas of your life and would like to discover what possibilities exist for you.


If you wish to request this reading, please provide:


Your first name, 


The day, month and year of your birth,


The nature of your concern and the reason you would like this Tarot reading,


As much background information as possible,


Whether you are happy to let me choose the Tarot cards for your reading, or whether there is a particular Tarot deck from my gallery that you feel you must have for the reading (please name the deck).


My Tidings from the 12 Houses reading for you, here, will comprise of the examination of, and guidance offered regarding your concern in order to provide you with greater clarity and empower you.


I do not need you to be present when I perform and interpret the reading which will take from several hours to a day or two.


You will receive, digitally, a detailed, written copy of my reading, together with a high-resolution digital image of the cards and layout my intuition will have picked for, and during your reading.


Your choice of this particular service will also include recommendations regarding mindfulness practice, meditation, resource, etc. to help you, based on the messages I receive during, and from your reading.


Payment is requested in full before the reading is started. You will receive your reading within five days. Maybe sooner, sometimes.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via Contact on Whisperingtarot.com.