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Welcome to Whispering Tarot where the murmurings of your soul are given voice to guide you, nurture you and help you on your journey.

About Me

My name is Cecilia. I am an Awareness and Mindfulness Mentor and an experienced teacher of thirty years with an undergraduate degree in Personal Development and a Masters Degree in Culture and Values. 
In face to face readings, I also offer personal Reiki sessions from the USUI HOLY FIRE REIKI. Please visit my REIKI link for more information or contact me below.
I have been reading Tarot and Oracle cards and practising awareness and mindfulness for the same number of years.
Through intuitive and structured Tarot and Oracle card readings and awareness mentoring, I look forward to aiding you, my client, in insightful ways towards greater personal wellbeing.
Tarot and Oracle card readings are an excellent way to help you recognize your potential and navigate the challenges you face. My role is to help you in a loving way to empower yourself.
As a Tarot and Oracle card reader, I am interested in providing you with your reading and the guidance it contains, since it remains up to you, always, to decide what you want to make of it. 
As an Awareness and Mindfulness Mentor, I wish to help you become aware of a deeper connection to your inner self - the non-physical part of yourself, your soul, and work with the laws of the universe based on the practices that have worked for me.
A greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us from the perspective of increased awareness and mindfulness can really help us develop a more positive mindset and, thus, enhance our lives in countless ways.

I honour my guiding spirits, Lords Shiva, Vishnu and Ganesha. My guardian angel, Kuan Yin, Ma'at, Djehuti, the Mayan Jaguar Priest, Buddha,

Mary, Mahavatar Babaji, and my animal spirit guides, the Irish Wolfhound, the Raven and the Owl.

Through my readings which are based on a combination of study, intuition, channelling and experience, I can offer you clarification, insight, encouragement and strategies. These, however, should never be used in place of medical, mental, other clinical, legal, or financial help. Neither Oracle nor Tarot can predict future events. What they do is clarify, suggest and propose possibilities.

Please read my Code of Ethics

Conducting a thorough reading requires a considerable amount of physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic energy. It also demands a great deal of  time. You will find, I hope, that my readings and mentoring are detailed and helpful. Because they do require much, I do not offer refunds, once the reading is conducted. That said, do not hesitate to contact me should you wish further clarification or suggestions.

All my readings are packaged with care and emailed to the address you supplied during purchase. Please choose your desired reading, state the reason you would like me to read for you with as much background information as possible. 


Your reading will be delivered to you by email within seven business day.


The Difference between Oracle and Tarot Cards

Tarot and Oracle decks are tools, rich with imagery and meaning that help us tap into our inner wisdom and connect with universal energies. They offer messages that can support our path and guide our decisions. They can help us connect with our intuition and deepen our connection with Spirit.
According to Jocelyn Almond and Keith Seddon in their book, Understanding Tarot, Tarot is wonderful for clarifying thoughts, bringing feelings into the open, as well as suggesting ideas and possibilities which may not previously have been considered.
It is, however, structured. Its 78 cards remain similar from one Tarot to the other.
Oracle decks have many different themes, any type of system and any number of cards. They are not based on a traditional system like the Tarot, but rather on the author’s intention when creating the deck.
Most Oracle decks are used for spiritual guidance, can be used for any type of wisdom seeking, soul finding or personal growth.

My Tarot and Oracle Gallery

I usually always pick the deck that proposes itself for your reading, In fact, they propose themselves, but if you really prefer to choose your own Oracle or Tarot from those in the gallery, please feel free to do so.



Readings are offered by telephone.





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